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A Linked Benefit Primer

A Linked Benefit Primer MEETING CLIENT NEEDS WITH THE LATEST INSURANCE SOLUTIONS THE LTC PLANNIDNG MARKET HAS CHANGE Historically, the main private, insurance-based solution for Long-Term Care (LTC) planning has been traditional or “standalone” LTC Insurance (LTCI).  While it has served the market well by putting hundreds of thousands of policies in force and creating […]

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It’s The NEED, not the Product!

There is much debate in the financial planning community of late regarding WHICH product is the “best” solution for LTC (Extended Care) planning. On May 22-24, 2018, we held our first-ever “LTC Solutions Carrier Days” in Plainview (Long Island), Clifton Park, and Verona (at Turning Stone Resort Casino), NY, where we examined the current landscape […]

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LTCi Vs. Linked Benefits

Earlier today, we held a very successful webinar with the above title, co-presented by myself and Marketing Director Dave Michalski. I say very successful because both our reservation and actual attendee numbers were twice what they normally are for our training webinars. How do I account for such increased interest? Well, there may be many […]

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