Partner Perks

As a valued producer with AIB, we strive to do everything we can to provide you with the tools necessary to help make you successful in your fixed insurance sales, from Long Term Care to Life to Disability Income to Annuity and beyond.

In addition to the direct support we provide, we work closely with certain third party marketing partners who (1) offer special tools we feel may be of significant help to you and your practice and (2) have agreed to provide their support tools to our affiliated producers on a DISCOUNTED BASIS because of your affiliation with us.

Please review our current slate of Partner Perks discount programs and we encourage you to contact each of these marketing partners directly with any questions, as well as to take advantage of the special discounts made available through our relationship. Please keep in mind that your involvement is completely voluntary and you should seek out approval (compliance or otherwise) as necessary from your own organizations as to the use of any of their respective materials or offerings.

Exclusive offer

moviecomm uses legally approved, ad free Hollywood movie clips to help you inspire, engage and connect like never before. Whether you’re trying to motivate your team or capture your client’s attention, we have thousands of ready made clips just for you. 

Clients use our clips to:

  • Boost their internal email campaigns
  • Bring their power point presentations to life
  • Tee up boring Zoom meetings
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Make their messages to prospects and clients sticky
  • And so much more!!

Our A.I. driven search engine helps you find the perfect clip, for the perfect situation in seconds. Simply choose your clip, copy and paste it into any way which you communicate and send it out.

As a Partner Perk for AIB members, we are offering a large audience subscription ($49/month value,) at a medium price ($29/month.)!

This allows you to send up to 60,000 annual messages out at over a 40% discount vs. our retail prices!

Sign up today! is a web based agent informational and training tool that will build your understanding of LTC and LTCI, as well as improve your ability to convey key LTC planning messages to clients and prospects. Some of the things included in are:

  • Recent articles regarding LTC planning and LTC Insurance
  • Basics of LTC and LTCI policies
  • LTCI Policy Product Comparisons
  • Financial Calculators that can be used to make an LTCI decision
  • LTCI Café, which includes phone scripts, sales techniques and more

AIB has arranged a Partner Perks discount for the platform.

​If you would like your own individual subscription, you can get a discount off the monthly subscription amount ($29.95 per month vs. $34.95). If you are an affiliated agent and are interested in taking advantage of this discounted subscription, you can email Bob Vandy. also offers Custom Consumer Websites with financial calculators, over 40 pages of professionally written content. If you would like your own individual custom website, you can get a discount off on both the setup fee ($149 vs. $249) and the monthly subscription amount ($34.95 per month vs. $39.95). If you are an affiliated agent and are interested in taking advantage of this discounted subscription, you can email Bob Vandy.

napa seal

National Association of Professional Agents Agent E&O and Benefits Program

  • Special program made available by your affiliation with Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB)
  • Group, preferred E&O rates!
  • Additional NAPA benefits INCLUDED with E&O enrollment!
  • NAPA membership available for special rate of $48 per year if E&O is not purchased
  • Separate Cyber-Liability coverage available at competitive rates!
  • Additional benefits include:
    • FREE online CE courses!
    • Travel & entertainment
    • Health & wellness benefits
    • Small business support solutions
    • Extra savings and more!
  • Click here to see details on the programs
  • Click here to find out more