Anti Money Laundering Training

For all Life and annuity sales, each producer is required to complete anti-money laundering training prior to acceptance of an application to comply with federal anti-money laundering regulations for insurance companies. Most companies have again selected the LIMRA AML training as its third-party training source for independent producers.

As an independent producer, it is likely that you may need to complete some AML training annually. Each insurance company can, and does, develop their own training requirements schedule. The companies do not specifically notify us of each individual producers requirement. Periodically they notify us of training due for the company in general, and we will relay these notifications to you as long as we have a current email address for you.

Producers may complete AML training by going to the LIMRA website.

The producer’s login ID is the first four letters of his or her last name, followed by the last six numbers of his or her social security number.

For producers using the LIMRA website for the first time, the password is their last name, all in lowercase letters.

For producers completing the AML course again, their password remains what was created during the first login. Online help/password reset is available on the website.

Most insurers will be among the companies listed on the screen where producers are required to select a company name. All companies that have subscribed to the LIMRA course will be given information on producers who have successfully taken the course based on producer information provided by the companies.