LTC Insurance Quote

Important Licensing Note:

All states now require some level of additional education, certification, or training requirement in order to solicit and sell Long Term Care Insurance. It is your responsibility to review to see if you meet the requirements adequately by visiting "LTC connection" for ALL STATES other than California, Connecticut, Indiana, and New York. For CA, CT, IN, and NY, please visit "Clear cert Four State Partnership Training".

If you take an application prior to meeting the requirements, it will result in the insurer having to reject your application for LTCi for your client.

If after you have reviewed the training requirement, you find that you need to complete training, you can do so by visiting

Instructions to Run a Quote:

After you click the "Run LTC Quotes" button below, you'll be brought to the Agent screen - fill in all your information, hit Next and you'll be brought to the Client screen - fill in your prospects information. You'll then be able to select either the Policy tab or the Search tab. The policy tab will allow you to, one by one, select the carriers that you'd like in your side by side comparison. This process takes a little bit of time but will allow you to show only your favorite products. Or, you can choose the Search tab. Search will automatically provide you with a comprehensive list of EVERY ltc plan that Advisors IB offers. This feature is great because it will very quickly give you fast premiums to learn who is most competitive. Then, you can print whichever method you wish. After experimenting with our Web Quote system, you may call Melissa at 800-695-8224 x115 with any questions.

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