Income Replacement (Disability Income or “DI”)

Ask your clients the following question, “How long could you continue to pay your bills and maintain your standard of living if an illness or injury prevented you from going to work?”  For most people, the answer is going to be “not long!”

The cornerstone of your client’s financial future is “The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs” – that is; protecting the income that provides food, housing, transportation and entire way of life.  An unanticipated interruption of this income stream can take years to recover from.  Income Replacement (a.k.a. Disability Income) insurance is the ideal vehicle to bridge over the troubled waters of a period of disability and loss of income.

AIB is committed to helping you determine the right company, the right product and the appropriate income protection program for your client. The market for disability insurance is very large if you consider everyone that is employed is a potential prospect and needs to protect income. Small business owners, in particular, are extremely exposed, both on a personal level, as well as a business level and are very good candidates for Disability Income as well as Business Overhead Insurance. A strong disability program that may incorporate some level of short term, long term and/or group disability could be the answer to solving many of these problems.

At Advisors Insurance Brokers, we have the companies, the products and the expertise to help you grow your business, increase your incomes, and help your clients with this important protection. We can help you custom design, present and close the sale.

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