Sets Overall Vision for the Firm

Kevin J. Johnson



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Overall Agency Operations, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Advanced Marketing

Robert M. Vandy



800-695-8224 x105 518-688-8105

Agency Operations, Chief Medical Underwriter

Peter Kelly


Chief Operating Officer

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Oversees Life, DI & Annuity Departments Life Consulting & Proposals

Gary Clair

Vice President, Life Brokerage

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Business Development, Affinity & Association Marketing

Brian M. Johnson


Director of Business Development

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Long Term Care Consulting & Proposals, LTC Broker Training

Melissa Frasier


Long Term Care Brokerage Director

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Life Insurance Consulting & Proposals, Linked Benefits Consulting & Proposals

David J. Michalski


Life & Linked Benefit Sales Solutions

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Medicare Supplement & Advantage Consulting & Proposals, Long Term Care Consulting & Proposals

Jeannie Knapp

Annuity Sales Support

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Long Term Care Consulting & Proposals, Linked Benefit Consulting & Proposals

Jennifer Brown


LTC & Linked Benefit Sales Solutions

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Income Replacement (DI) Consulting & Proposals, Licensing & Contracting Support

Don Baurle

Disability Sales Director

800-695-8224 x132 518-688-8132

Licensing/Agent Contracting & Appointments

Rich Altier

Licensing & Contracting Coordinator

800-695-8224 x129 518-688-8129

Evangeline (Naz) McLellan

Licensing & Contracting Support

800-695-8224 x108 518-688-8108

Life Insurance Consulting & Proposals

Kevin C. Harkins


Life Sales Solutions

800-695-8224 x113 518-688-8113

Britany Vong

Life Insurance New Business Coordinator

800-695-8224 x145 518-688-8145

Oversees Agency Finances, Commissions Operations

Jill O'Connor

Director of Finance - Commissions/Accounting

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Commissions Questions

Stephanie Miller

Commission Distribution Coordinator

800-695-8224 x116 518-688-8116

New Business Submission, Exam/APS Ordering

Stephanie Baker

New Business Supervisor

800-695-8224 x120 518-688-8120

Overall Administrative & Policy Issue Support, Agency Receptionist

Susan Baurle

Life Insurance New Business Coordinator

800-695-8224 x134 518-371-5522

Client Consulting and Sales

Thomas J. Layton

Specializing in Long-Term Care, Life Insurance, Medicare & Annuities

800-695-8224 x104 518-688-8104

Client Consulting and Sales

Eric M. Hukey


Account Executive

800-695-8224 x137 518-688-8137

LTC Planning Consultation, Life, Income Replacement (DI), Medicare, Annuity Consults & Support

Ray Hickson


Regional Sales Director - Hudson Valley / Downstate, Metro New York

800-695-8224 x 877-617-6091

Chris Scott

Regional V.P. - Long Island & Metro New York/Northern New Jersey

800-695-8224 x 516-384-3492

Evan Groot

Regional V.P. - New England / New York / Pennsylvania

800-695-8224 x 860-967-7193

Leni Cohen

Regional Vice President - National

800-695-8224 x157 518-688-8157