AIB offers a variety of both Traditional Fixed and Indexed Deferred Annuities through many annuity companies. Our interactive on-line Annuity Brokerage Bulletin is available for both NY and National annuities, and can be emailed to you automatically twice monthly (more often in a fluctuating interest rate environment). The Bulletin features the current interest rates and product features for our most competitive companies. Several of these companies provide full illustration capability for their products. Our annuity support team is always glad to provide product information and discuss options that may be appropriate for your client.

We also provide assistance with completion of your Regulation 60 Annuity to Annuity Disclosure Statement. Once you provide a signed Definition of Replacement and Authorization to Disclose the Contract Information, we are pleased to request the information, complete the forms and email or mail the forms to you for your client's signature, saving you time and effort! In addition, the annuity support team performs continual follow up on the transfer of funds into the new contract to make the transfer smooth and quick.

All company forms and brochures can be emailed to you so there is no delay, or can be mailed upon request.

Immediate Annuities are also available through AIB. We can provide quotes for several companies, depending upon premium. We can provide a single immediate annuity quote, or when multiple quotes are requested, will be happy to assemble the quotes as a customized matrix for your ease in presentation.

To request a matrix, please fax the Proposal Request for Immediate Annuities form to (518) 371-6131 or call (800) 695-8224, x136 or (518) 688-8136 for Jeannie.

For immediate annuities also, we gladly provide Regulation 60 assistance. Here also, all forms can be emailed immediately, or mailed at your request.

Along with the matrix, we provide a separate profile of the ratings, assets, and liabilities of the companies quoted. This is an excellent tool when in competition or when proposing immediate annuities to clients.

Any questions or would like a brief tutorial? Contact:

Jeannie Knapp, Annuity Sales Coordinator
(800) 695-8224 x136
(518) 688-8136