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Annuities with “STYLE!”

Annuities allow your client to put S.T.Y.L.E. in their financial portfolios. S.T.Y.L.E. refers to Safety, Tax Deferral, Yield, Liquidity, and Estate Planning – attributes inherent in Annuities. Safety: A fixed annuity guarantees that your principal is protected, and you can always get the money back. Tax Deferral: During the accumulation phase the gains are tax […]

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Advisors Insurance Brokers Adds Ensight Sales Acceleration Platform to Simplify Life Insurance Selling

Ensight, the leading life and annuity digital sales acceleration platform for insurance carriers, distributors and financial professionals, today announced Advisors Insurance Brokers, (a New York Long Term Care Brokers, Ltd. Company), will now offer Ensight’s intelligent quote and presentations platforms to its broad group of agents as part of their partnership offering. The platform will […]

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The Advantages of Annuities

There’s nothing like guarantees in times of uncertainty: guaranteed interest rates and lifetime income, to provide a little piece of mind. This is particularly true during uncertain economic times with unprecedented unemployment linked to a pandemic. Even without the current economic environment, life is always unpredictable. And we all know financial decisions, even in good […]

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