We Love our Acronyms! What’s a QLAC?

QLAC – Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract

A QLAC is a deferred income annuity specifically for qualified funds. A portion of qualified money goes into the QLAC not only lowering your RMD’s but also your tax burden. It allows you to put money aside to create a stream of income in the future. It’s a great option for those who do not need the income in early retirement and are concerned about out living their money.

Here’s how a QLAC works:

  • The funds from the IRA are transferred into the QLAC
  • The lesser of 25% or $135K may be deferred. Because the money is put into a QLAC is not included in your RMD calculation, it can lower your immediate tax burden.
  • The client determines a future date to start receiving payments. Payments can be deferred to age 85.
  • Payments options: Life only and Life with Cash Refund

Are there limitations on a QLAC?

There are some limitations. Once the QLAC is set up it cannot be undone and there is no interest of the deferred funds.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Jane Doe is 70 and deposits $100k in a QLAC.
  • At age 80 she starts taking monthly payments, $856 or $10,272 annually.
  • If she lives to 95 she would have received $164,363.
  • It’s a good way to solve the retirement income puzzle since the longer you live the more likely you are to have an income shortfall.

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