Learn How to Grow Your Business with Business Killers® Workshop

If you’re looking to add a little sizzle to your practice with some additional “value-add” to your business owner relationships, how about incorporating some unique workshops…?

Introducing…Business Killers®

What is it?

Advisors Insurance Brokers is proud to announce the offering of Business Killers® in conjunction with Selling Technologies, a client interactive workshop series designed specifically for business owners and family-owned business, both small & large.  It focuses on owners of both large & small businesses.

This program was developed from the perspective of the buyer vs. from the current owner’s perspective and from the seller’s point of view vs. the advisors.

Although the program is often described as a seminar program, Business Killers® is actually a highly effective selling system and client workshop designed specifically to allow attendees to self-assess the level of risk with regard to the unique financial and planning issues faced by business owners.

Video vignettes dramatize common mistakes that may compromise the business or personal financial future of the owner featuring issues which can destroy an owner’s business which they may not even be aware of.  Vignettes disturb the business owner into taking action to avoid risks & prepare for the future.

This also offers 3 CPE hours for CPA’s in every state……

Business Killers® has 6 Modules that can be formatted for specific gender use and/or specific groups of attendees, such as farmers, medical groups, etc.

It addresses common reactions to the need to plan, including:

  • “I know what my business is worth”
  • “I’m too busy running the company”
  • “That will never happen to me”
  • “There’s plenty of time for that”
  • “My business is my retirement”
  • “You can’t beat Uncle Sam”

Business Killers® discussion topics range from:

  • Business Continuity – Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Asset Allocation

For more information or if you want to further explore Business Killers® and see how we can incorporate these into your practice etc., please let us know and we will be happy to further discuss the opportunity with you.