Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies are considered stable and comprehensive plans, with few or no co-payments or deductibles, that fill in the gaps of traditional Medicare. In New York, premium rates are "community rated." If you wish to get pricing, all that is required is the client's ZIP code and county of residence. The other 49 states vary widely - most states will also factor in the client's age, sex, and/or tobacco status.

Medicare Advantage Plans (MA / MAPDs) usually have lower premiums, but typically have larger and more frequent co-payments, are subject to annual plan design changes, and often have other limitations, such as doctor networks. They may be purchased with or without a built-in Part D plan. MA plans are community rated, so it is helpful to collect the ZIP code and county of residence.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are prescription drug coverage, and are community rated. A client's medication regimen is usually the primary deciding factor between plans. You will want to gather the client's exact drug names, dosages, and frequencies, and also the name and town of the client's pharmacy.

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