The Advantages of Annuities

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There’s nothing like guarantees in times of uncertainty: guaranteed interest rates and lifetime income, to provide a little piece of mind.

This is particularly true during uncertain economic times with unprecedented unemployment linked to a pandemic. Even without the current economic environment, life is always unpredictable. And we all know financial decisions, even in good times, can promote angst. That’s why adding an annuity may be a great solution.

Consumers are usually unaware of the advantages of annuities compared to CD’s; advantages like higher interest rates, tax deferral, liquidity and avoidance of probate. Solid guarantee rates of a MYGA (Multi Year Guarantee Annuity) are simple to understand and not subject to volatility of the stock market and high fees associated with Variable Annuities.

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) are an option for those who want the upside of the stock market without the downside. The annuity may increase but there will never be loss. NY FIA’s have a guaranteed 1% interest rate. A bit of the best of both worlds!

Millions of Americans will retire without knowing whether they will have enough money to cover their expenses. Annuities are the opposite of Life Insurance. Annuities can provide Guaranteed Lifetime Income so you can never outlive your money whereas Life insurance insures against dying too soon.

Add some S.T.Y.L.E. to your retirement portfolio with Annuities.

  • S – Safety
  • T – Tax Advantages
  • Y – Yield
  • L – Lifetime Income
  • E – Estate Planning

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