How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

How much life insurance do I need to protect my family? How can life insurance shield my loved ones in case something happens to me? How much life insurance will cover my expenses in case I’m not here for my family?

You may be wondering how life insurance can safeguard your family from the financial stress of your unexpected or untimely loss. Here, at AIB, we understand your concerns, and we want to give you the tools you need for success.

Let us walk you through the basic questions you can start asking yourself. So, you can better understand what coverage you and your loved ones need.

After all, February is Insure Your Love Month!

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

There are a few key questions to cover before you can determine how much life insurance you need.

First, ask yourself, “How much of the family income do I provide?” This question provides you with a general idea as to how much you contribute to your family financially.

Next, think about, “In the event of my death, how would my loved ones get by?” If your family is solely supported by your income alone, it’s clear that you’ll want some type of coverage to help cover your expenses while protecting them financially long-term.

Lastly, consider how your family will pay your final expenses and debts after your loss. A general rule of them may be to replace 5-10 years of income, depending on ages of children, debts, etc., as a starting point.

After you take those three questions into consideration, we suggest then thinking about if you have specific family members that you’d like to leave your money to.

There are several reasons to consider purchasing life insurance and one of the most important reasons is to secure your loved one’s future, financially.

Putting It Together: How AIB Can Help

We suggest that all our clients consider those three primary questions. This gives you a basic idea when selecting the best life insurance products for you and your family’s needs.

There are many top-rated products out there for short- and long-term needs. We can help you begin to piece together the right plans for your diverse background.

Let us show you why so many people rely on Advisors Insurance Brokers for their short- and long-term care insurance planning needs.

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