Advisors Insurance Brokers Adds Ensight Sales Acceleration Platform to Simplify Life Insurance Selling


Ensight, the leading life and annuity digital sales acceleration platform for insurance carriers, distributors and financial professionals, today announced Advisors Insurance Brokers, (a New York Long Term Care Brokers, Ltd. Company), will now offer Ensight’s intelligent quote and presentations platforms to its broad group of agents as part of their partnership offering. The platform will enable Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB), which specializes in life, long-term care, annuities, disability insurance, and linked benefits the ability to provide an even higher, more efficient and consistent level of service to its affiliated agents and advisors.

Ensight’s life insurance illustration provides a way for AIB’s insurance agents and advisors to provide a more user-friendly, graphical format to communicate a particular policy’s – or group of policies’ – performance under a particular set of assumptions. The platform also enables AIB to quickly demonstrate how subtle changes in those assumptions can impact a policy’s performance over time and give potential life insurance buyers more clarity prior to a purchasing decision.

“Advisors Insurance Brokers is thrilled to partner with Ensight and their industry leading platform for life insurance illustration and presentation resources. Their ‘single entry’ life insurance illustration system – Intelligent Quote – gives us an efficient way to present multiple carrier and product options on one page, with full carrier illustrations attached and available at the click of a button. This level of functionality is vital, especially at a point in time when best interest standards are increasingly prevalent, to help agents and advisors demonstrate that they’ve done their homework and shopped the market for the most suitable product to fit the client’s needs,” stated Robert Vandy, President at Advisor Insurance Brokers.

Ensight’s interactive story-selling capability enables advisors to dynamically walk clients through multiple illustrations, funding levels and return outcomes such as surrender value, death benefits, cumulative income and IRR (Internal Rate of Return).

As New York’s Insurance Regulation 187 (as well as other states’ regulations) continue to evolve, Ensight’s platform delivers enhanced product market knowledge and benchmarking insight that not only drives better product recommendations, but more importantly, provides all backup documentation to support future books and records.

“As the industry undergoes substantial change from regulatory, health and producer landscape perspectives, new sales and service expectations require faster, on-demand service, transparency into product recommendations, and digital delivery that fosters engaging, online sales experience,” said Bill Unrue, CEO, Ensight. “We are thrilled to help agents of Advisors Insurance Brokers grow life insurance sales, deepen client engagement and boost product understanding through a modern, meaningful experience,” he added.

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About Ensight™
Ensight™ is the leading cloud-based insurance sales acceleration platform for more than 500 Life and Annuity distributors, thousands of financial professionals, as well as many of the largest North American insurance carriers. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Ensight helps drive sales growth and productivity, while addressing the entire sales lifecycle experience – from prospect to policyholder, new business to inforce.

About Advisors Insurance Brokers
Advisors Insurance Brokers (AIB) is a New York Long Term Care Brokers, Ltd. company, and an independent, nationally recognized insurance Brokerage General Agency (BGA) that specializes in Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance (in ALL its forms), Disability Income Insurance and Fixed and Indexed Annuity consulting and sales. The firm offers a comprehensive portfolio of Insurance and Annuity products suitable for individuals and families, employer groups and professional and other associations. AIB works with individual advisors, as well as with insurance agencies, financial planning firms, banks and credit unions, broker dealers, wire houses and others help their individual and group clients realize their dreams and plan for the unexpected.