Writing DI Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

man typing on laptop

Given the current environment, you are likely wondering how you can possibly take an application for any product line without being face to face with the client. Thankfully, the answer lies in the technology we have at our disposal today. You can utilize Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting just to give some examples. For the purpose of my area of expertise, I will focus on Disability Income, or as I refer to it, Income Protection.

As you already know if you have been doing business with us, we at AIB strive to make it as easy as possible for you, especially in this trying time. There are ways for you to take a DI application without having to be in a face to face meeting with the client. Some carriers offer an E-App option. Please know that you MUST be appointed with the carrier prior to taking an E-App. You can call or email me for more info on that option. Another option is to utilize one of the above mentioned resources, or simply take info over the phone from the client onto the application, many of which are form fillable, then email the application to the client and guide them over the phone or one of the above resources on where to sign, have them scan and email back to you. You do not need to collect any money, and, the premium can be drafted at policy issue.

My other advice for now would be to go with the non-medical exam limits and add a Future Increase Option to utilize down the road so that the client can get the actual coverage they would need once we are all through this crisis. Many carriers have temporarily raised the limits for non-medical requirements, which will help to potentially get cases through underwriting quicker. One crucial element to make this happen is to inform your client that he or she needs to take the call from the interview team as soon as they can. They all have evening hours, and some have Saturday hours, so there should be no inconvenience to the client. Please see the chart below that shows the carriers we work with and their current Non-Med Limits.

Non-Med Limit
$10,000 ages 18-45
$6,000 ages 46-64
$5,000 ages 18-40
$3,000 ages 41-50
Mutual of Omaha
$6,000 ages 18-45
$3,000 ages 46-61
$4,000 ages 18-50
$2,000 ages 51-55
$1,500 ages 56-60


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