Can I Take a Vacation While on Disability

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The idea of taking a vacation while out on disability is often followed by questions of if and how that could affect one’s Disability Insurance policy and benefits. Simply put, yes, you can take a vacation! Being out on disability does not mean you are confined to your home; you are able and expected to live your life normally and take a vacation if you’d like. While you can take a vacation, there are certain factors and steps you need to consider and take before planning!

Check Your Disability Insurance Policy

Your disability insurance policy will detail what the specific guidelines are when it comes to taking a vacation. Some policies may be entitled to prohibit certain types of travel such as international travel or cruises. Be sure to take these guidelines into consideration and follow them when planning your trip. It’s almost important to note whether or not your policy requires you to inform your insurance carrier of your plans to travel. If it’s not explicitly stated, then you do not need to notify them.

It’s also important to note that disability insurance carriers will be on the lookout for those who are intentionally putting their health at risk, and engaging in activities that could further compromise your health and limitations. Ask your doctor to detail what activities you should plan to steer clear of to ensure that you are not actively putting yourself at risk.

In some cases, you may have upcoming deadlines from your insurance carrier where you are to turn in paperwork or file something related to your claim. Insurance carriers take deadlines very seriously, and missing or filing something late could result in derailment of your claim or termination of your benefits. Before leaving town, confirm that your insurance claim is in good standing, and you will not be required to submit anything in the near future.

Continue to Follow Your Doctors Orders

Speak with your doctor to let them know you are planning to travel and ensure that they provide you with clearance. Ignoring your doctor’s orders is a major way to put your benefits at risk! While it’s a must for you to consult with your primary doctor, you should also consult with any other doctor that is providing you with care along the lines of your disability treatment plan. These may include your physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and more. They should be aware of your plans and should also provide you with clearance. Keep any upcoming appointments that may align with your treatment plan in mind, as cancelling or missing those appointments could potentially disrupt your benefits.

Questions About Disability Insurance Policies?

Receiving disability insurance payments does not mean you are required to change your life and limit your daily activities and travel plans. It does, however, mean that there are a few extra steps to take before you go! By making plans the right way, you are sure to enjoy your vacation and won’t have to worry about your benefits! For more information on Disability Insurance policies, visit our website or give us a call today.